Our Story

The history & philosophy of Tothill Farms


Our History

Tothill Farms is a local, family farm located in the Driftless Area near Madison. Our mission is to produce and market healthy, artisan meat that tastes great. Our farm gets its name from the original spelling of our surname, which was derived from the many hills that rose from the flat land where our ancestors lived. Our family has always felt a connection to the hills. We especially feel a tie to the hills and land that surround us now, and are compelled by a sincere need to be good stewards. Our intention is for future generations to be able to enjoy this amazing, diverse land, too. 

Back then, our family actually lived on the hill and kept watch over the safety of their friends and relatives in the town below. That was their role and they were actually knighted for their efforts. Today, our family has the same goal. Not being knighted, but doing our part to provide meat that is wholesome and healthy for our relatives and friends, both old and new, to eat. We are a big family and our kids are involved in many facets of the business—from taking care of animals, to making deliveries, to doing samplings at grocery stores.

Tothill Farms provides local farm-to-table meat, raised naturally and responsibly on our farm and other farms like us. We raise lamb, goat, pork, chicken and beef that is thoughtfully tended to and carefully crafted for a healthy and great tasting eating experience.


Our Philosophy

We want our friends and neighbors to enjoy meat the way it used to be, before mass production became more important than quality, taste and humane treatment of the animals. That's why we use livestock breeds that have not been bred for mass production, but rather ones that have heritage characteristics that yield exceptional “gourmet” taste.

We also humanely raise our animals in natural, small farm environments and they eat grass. We use NO artificial growth hormones, animal by-products or routine antibiotics. We do use medical treatments in the case of health emergencies when it is in the best interest of the animal and our veterinarian prescribes it. Just like we do our kids. 

We believe you can eat local, healthy meat without paying an exorbitant amount for it just because it carries some buzz words like organic, antibiotic-free or grassfed. In today's world people throw around a lot of words that sound good, but in reality don't mean a whole lot. For instance, meat can be labeled “organic” based on the type of feed it is given. However, this doesn't tell the whole story of how the animal is raised or treated. We want you to enjoy our great tasting and healthy meat and stay within your budget. That’s why we are committed to providing high quality, consistent products using common sense approaches, responsible animal management and good land stewardship practices—that taste great.

The bottom line is: if we wouldn't feed it to our family, we sure won't feed it to yours. That's our promise.